SOURIAU’s expertise for Welding & Cutting gathered into Selector Guide Connectors for Welding & Cutting Equipment Controls


Welding & metal cutting require precision controls to guarantee performance, reliability and safety for higher productivity and improved quality in difficult conditions. From manual to automated welding throughout plasma cutting and fume extraction, rapid set up and easy, quick servicing are a must.

Starting with our experience beginning with Burndy® we offer both standardized and customized welding and cutting connectors and soltuions to support your design and development needs. In addition to this we can provide overmold cable assemblies for welding and cutting. We propose both leader and jumper cable assemblies to offer to our customers a turnkey solution for a quick, reliable and secured installation.

SOURIAU’s wide array of interconnect and overmolded cable assembly solutions for welding and cutting equipment and their associated controls is the perfect match for these harsh environments requiring industry-proven reliability and service:

Easy & Safe: Quick Secure Mating

  • 1/3 Bayonet coupling or push-pull coupling allowing an easy, quick and secure connection with an audible click to guarantee a proper connection for the user.

Enduring & Robust: Long Life Expectancy

  • Up to 5,000 mating cycles without impact on performance. Designed to withstand dust and corrosive atmospheres while still maintaining mechanical and electrical functionality.

Engineered & Ergonomic: Designed for User-friendly Operation

  • Sturdy ergonomic design granting daily trustworthy operation for any welding and cutting equipment.

Easy to Work with: Flexibility & Availability

  • An engineering team to support you on customized solutions. A worldwide availability with a wide distributor network.

Find the solutions best adapted to your applications into the Selector Guide Connectors for Welding & Cutting Equipment Controls:

  • JMX / JBX (plastic / metal push-pull):  Compact Design, High number of mating cycles, Easy handling
  • UTL (metal latching): Blind mateable & Easy to connect, Overmold options
  • UTS (plastic),  UTG (metal & plastic), UTO (metal) : 1/3 bayonet
    • Intermateable and Interchangeable solution to cover all of your robust requirements.
    • Wide range of contact layouts.
    • Compatible with flexible conduit adaptors
    • Overmold options
  • 851 (metal 1/3 bayonet): Sturdy design compatible with wide range of standard backshells & strain relief for combination with conduits
  • VGE1 (reverse 1/3 metal bayonet): High Robustness and impact resistance level

Always ensuring the performance level that fits your needs:

  • Quick connect fittings with all-in-one capabilities (power and signal)
  • IP68 and IP69K waterproof enclosure for immersion, exposure to industrial fluids and harsh environments
  • Resistance to repetitive mechanical stress & impacts thanks to shock & vibration-proof design
  • Transmission signal integrity for all major protocols
  • EMI shielding design
  • IEC and UL compliance disconnection
  • Environmental compliance with RoHS and REACH regulations

Downloads :   Welding Selector Guide

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