Wet mate underwater connector

8810 Series

Wet Mate Connector for Deep Immersion

  • Wet-mate: Underwater mateable connectors
  • Suitable for long term immersion
  • Resistance to pressure up to 3000m (9800ft) depth 
  • Marine bronze shell provides high resistance to corrosion
  • Waterblock cable clamp

Key features and benefits

8810 Description

Underwater mating

The 8810 series is a wet-mate connector designed for deep water immersion. The double lip sealing system and long creepage distance between contacts allows it to be mated underwater without any performance issues or risks for your staff and equipment. 

Long term immersion

The insulators use EPDM rubber to garantee high sealing even for long periods underwater, and the extremely robust bronze marine shell is highly resistant to corrosion and vibration as well as transverse and pull-out force. The wet-mate technology uses a method of water expulsion from the connection interface that reduces the risk of short circuits as well as contact corrosion, improving the safety and lifetime of your equipment and systems. 

Deep immersion down to 3000m

Thanks to a monobloc insulator and a self-seating design, the 8810 series ensures that even at 3000m below the surface you can rely on a safe and secure connexion. 

Technical Data

  • Mechanical endurance : 500 mating/ unmating cycles
  • Electrical performance :
    • Recommended service voltage : from 220V to 1500V after undersea mating
  • Environmental performance :
    • Operating temperature :
      • Ambient  :-30°C to +70°C
      • Subsea : -3°C to +40°C
    • Immersion resistance :
      • Shell sizes 1,2,3,4,7 : 300 bars (3000m) fitted with cable gland endbell
      • Shell sizes 5, 6 : 150 bars (1500m) fitted with cable gland endbell

Examples of application field

The wet-mate 8810 connector for underwater applications is ideal, with a robust and corrosion-resistant shell and water-expulsion technology.