MBG series, MBG connector, MBG connectors

MBG Series

Long Endurance Plastic Connector

  • Operating temperature : -55°C + 105°C
  • Standard: UL94V0
  • Sealing: IP40
  • 5000 mating cycles
  • Plastic housing with metal latch
  • Audible positive “click”
  • RoHS

Key features and benefits


The MBG Series is a push to mate, press & release to unmate connector with high durability and up to 5000 mating cycles.

The design of MBG connectors allows you to connect the plug to the receptacle in blind mating conditions. Its metal latch with audible click makes the MBG series easy and secure to connect.

The unique concept of lubricated male contacts with spring actuated foam plate lets you to mate and unmate the connector up to 5000 times and assures endurance.

Available with a large selection of shells, we offer from 4 to 46 positions to meet all of your electrical needs.

MBG series had been developed to be compliant with major electrical UL standard in order to guarantee safety conditions for the installers and users.