• Quick bayonet coupling
  • Contact protection
  • Audible, sensitive and visual mating
  • EMI-shielding
  • Keyway polarization
  • JN1003, PAN6433-2 and VG96912 standard part numbering
  • 8ST part numbering for commercial cost effective solution

Key features and benefits


8ST series is suited to withstand the most severe requirements of  military aerospace, communication equipment, ballistic missiles & weapon systems, tanks, test equipment.
8ST connectors offer a large selection of contact arrangements with maximum weight and space saving. With 76 available layouts,  9 shell sizes  ( from size 8 to 24 ) and its excellent shielding performance,  8ST connectors address universal interconnection but in particular data connection systems. 8ST connectors are available with RoHS plating ( Nickel & Black Zinc Nickel ). 8ST connectors are qualified to JN1003, PAN6433-2 and VG96912.

Technical data

Temperature range:  
Black Zinc Nickel and Olive Green Cadmium plating : -65°C to +175°C
Nickel Plating : -65°C to +200°C

Salt spray resistance: 
Black Zinc Nickel and Olive Green Cadmium plating : 500 hours
Nickel plating : 48 hours

Shielding:  70dB at 0.01 to 100MHz
Durability : 500 mating / unmating cycles

Examples of application field

8ST applications include flight control, electrical and emergency systems, communication, navigation and surveillance systems, and landing gear on military aircraft.
The series is also used on unmanned aerial vehicles. On the ground the 8ST series is primarily used in modern military vehicles as a result of the increasing number of electronic controls and equipment on board.