• Power supply connector
  • Pre-leading earth contact
  • Breaking capacity
  • Robust, ruggedized, water pressure sealed, for shielded cable
  • Compliant with EN60664-1 ( VDE0110 ) and VDE0620-1
  • Qualified to VG96918
  • RoHS conform aluminium shell, Black Zinc Nickel plated

Key features and benefits


848 Series

848 is an energy supply connector in full accordance with the military standard VG96918. The robust reverse bayonet locking system, derived from VG95234, in combination with the IP 68 sealing and a conus design backshell for shielded cable and heat shrink boot make this connector the perfect match for all harsh environments, whether in Heavy Industries, Geophysics or Defence Applications.

It offers 3 shell sizes with layouts for single phase 250V/16A or 3 phase 500V/25A up to 500V/63A and covers all standardized energy supply classes of VDE0620-1.

The first mate-last break ground contact is safely connected to the shell. The additional pilot contact allows the use in hot mate/unmate conditions ( breaking capacity ).

The solid aluminium alloy shell is plated with our proven Zink Nickel process und withstands 500 hrs salt spray and 500 mating cycles and complies with RoHS requirements.

The machined and silver plated contacts are designed for crimping.

Technical Data

Temperature Range:    -55°C to + 85°C
Salt spray resistance:  500h
Shielding:    10KHz-3MHz: 70dB min
                     100 MHz-1000MHz: 40dB min
Sealing:     IP68
Durability : 500 mating/unmating mating cycles
Compliant with  DIN EN 60664-1 , pollution degree 3

Examples of application field

848 Series connectors are intended for heavy duty applications on ground army equipment, vans, shelters, trailers, artillery and heavy weapons.