• Plastic connector
  • Rapid 1/3 turn
  • PVC outer sheath (grey color)
  • 1.5mm² conductor
  • 300V
  • Flammability rating IEC (UL1581 Sec.1160)
  • High flexibility
  • Small cable diameter

Key features and benefits


SOURIAU provides connectors in various applications for more than 90 years in the most extreme environment. Being conscious about the difficulty to find a quick and a reliable harness manufacturer, we decided years ago to start in house cable assembly production. It allows customers to reduce the number of suppliers, and to take advantage of the "best in class" quality of SOURIAU-SUNBANK Connection Technologies. Overmolding is a process that further enhances the sealing properties of the UTS range, especially over many years of use. Overmolding provides the opportunity to change the cable exit from straight through 90 degrees and avoid any stress on the cable terminated to the connector. Also, as the wires are encapsulated inside the moulding, a barrier is created which prevents from any liquid from entering the equipment through the connector if the cable jacket is breached.

Examples of application field

HAUTS overmolding cable assemblies are suited to withstand harsh environments.