SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies has decades of experience in providing connectors and accessories that can withstand different intensities of vibrations. Our products are specifically engineered to provide maximum performance and reliability, even in extreme conditions such as rocket take-offs.

Our solution

Vibration-resistant connectors

Our connectors undergo vibration tests at different levels of severity depending on the applications for which it was originally designed. This is clearly the aeronautics claiming increased severity in terms of vibrations.
In a connector, vibrations are absorbed at different points:

  • the connection between pin and socket
  • the connection between wire and termination area for electrical characteristics and on the mechanical side
  • the connection between contact flanges and retention clips
  • the connection between retention clip and cavity of the insert
  • the connection between the plug and the receptacle through the locking system.

For more information about our locking and coupling capabilities, you can watch the video animation below:

Regarding the link between the clip and the cavity, and also the clip with the flange of the contact, the dimensional aspect appears as the major adjustment parameter in the management of deflections. The electrical aspect involves primarily the choice of the considered materials. These materials will have to ensure on the active part rigidity to the pin and a significant elasticity to the sleeve to ensure a permanent connection between the pin and socket. This has to occur without exercising too much effort, with which the multiplication of contacts would make for a difficult or impossible mating due to its cumulative effort. In contrast, in its termination part, the contact material should offer plastic deformation characteristics allowing at the same time the holding of the cable in the case of crimp contacts. All these aspects must be controlled to prevent relative movement of some elements with others that may cause overheating and untimely wear.